e2E prides itself on taking an engineer’s approach to software development and specialises in developing software within the wider context of operations, management or research and development. We draw on e2E’s core expertise in Satellite Communications and combine this with full-lifecycle software development capability to deliver and support software solutions.


Our team maintains working knowledge of the latest technologies but also has the experience to understand when it is appropriate to apply them and when it is not. Our solutions include deployment on Linux and Windows and, for applications, we now deploy our software into standard middleware containers using Service Oriented Architecture for portability and flexibility. Most of our development is within Java 2 Enterprise Edition but we have software developed in C and C++; we continue to use these where appropriate to the system requirements.

Because of our heritage in the space business, we develop our software according to ECSS* standards which provide a structured approach yet one which can be tailored to the size and complexity of the job in hand. The software development group applies linear and agile development methods, the key is to apply the right method to the right problem.

The scope of e2E’s software development experience is indicated by the following examples:

  • Providing R&D into operations concepts for satellite communications along with agile development of operational software.
  • Analysing and developing communications management protocols along with development of traffic load simulators with hardware-in-the-loop.
  • Developing innovative communications service performance management software and integrating with COTS products for heterogeneous networks.
  • Providing tools to model satellite payloads, derive link budgets and predict radio link performance.

*ECSS is the European Cooperation for Space Standardisation, sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA).