e2E’s Military & Government (M&G) group provides technical services into a range of customers, including governmental ministries, major “primes” supplying governmental markets and R&D bodies.

e2E’s consultants come from a range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical skills to projects. Our technical experts can help analyse future needs, market trends and map out future technology roadmaps. We can bring experienced project managers to successfully guide projects from inception right through to operations.  In addition, our history of work in operations has meant that we take a grounded view of how systems will be implemented, commissioned and operated, ensuring that our recommendations are always pragmatic, customer-focused and address the whole life cost of systems. A number of ex-military members within the e2E team also bring a sharp user perspective to all of our work.  

Satellite communications remains our core capability but this has expanded more recently into the wider communications market and across the network operations domain.  Our practical experience of both the commercial and military markets means that we can bring “best in breed” commercial technology and operational concepts into the military domain.  This has become particularly apparent in our service management work, where we now support key prime contractors in the areas of network management, end-to-end (e2E) service management, product development and future streamlined concept of operations (CONOPS).