The domain experts in the Commercial Systems Division of e2E Technical Services offer a combined 200 years of expertise in engineering and operations of advanced satellite communications systems.

LEO, MEO, GEO constellations; L-band, S-band, C-band, X-Band, Ku-band; Ka-band; fixed and mobile satellite services: e2E experts have been exposed, often in a leading role, to all of the above. Today, they are expanding their horizon to explore possible uses for nanosatellites and other platforms:  HAPS (High-Altitude Platforms) and UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicles).

e2E experts have played a very active role in some of the most ambitious satellite projects of the last two decades supporting companies such as ICO Global Communications, Inmarsat, Astrium (now Airbus DS), Thales Alenia Space, O3b and SES in the system design, implementation, integration and testing of a variety of Commercial and Military satellite systems.

e2E takes great pride in the success of its customers and is gratified by the quality and longevity of its relationship with the customers. How highly its contribution is valued by its customers is attested by the fact that, over a decade, after having successfully contributed to the launch of Inmarsat’s L-Band Regional BGAN system, e2E is a key member of the Inmarsat team that is integrating and testing Inmarsat’s latest and most advanced communication system, Ka-band Global Xpress.