e2E Services are a SME based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Our Company's heritage is in satellite telecommunications and our goal in the energy market is to apply the network management techniques from the telecoms market in the management of local energy networks, where there is distributed micro-generation and access to storage. e2E teamed with several partners, experts in the energy domain, and took part in a set of R&D Innovate UK projects that provided the development platform for the NEATTMenergytechnology.

Building up from our expertise in communications network management and optimisation, NEATTMenergy offers a distributed community – focussed low-carbon management solution for electricity networks.

The solution is primarily designed to benefit the end-customer by reducing the community energy costs. The management algorithm, however, is highly adaptable, designed to be able to work towards different goals by responding to configurable management incentives. It has been demonstrated that the NEATTMenergy management system can be configured to benefit the different energy sector stakeholders: Energy Suppliers, DNOs and System Operators. There is trade-ff when balancing these sometimes conflicting objectives. However, by translating the objectives into management incentives, the algorithm will adapt and find he best possible resource planning solution to meet them.

We believe the management approach is innovative because it optimises energy generation and usage at the community level rather than individual property level. It optimises energy networks by spreading demand to lower consumption at peak tariffs by using energy storage of micro-generation to provide a more constant and predictable local supply and by using excess generation locally rather than supplying it to the national grid. NEATTMenergy achieves this by using decentralised automated approach. 

For more information on how NEATTMenergy works as a distributed demand-side managment solution for electricity network at community level, please see the NEATTMenergy Positioning Paper