e2E Services are a SME based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Our Company's heritage is in satellite telecommunications and our goal in the energy market is to apply the network management techniques from the telecoms market in the management of local energy networks, where there is distributed micro-generation and access to storage. e2E teamed with several partners, experts in the energy domain, and took part in a set of R&D Innovate UK projects that provided the development platform for the NEATTMenergytechnology.

NEATTMreality comprises a Real Time - Java Virtual Machine (RT-JVM) that is being developed to exploit the universal characteristics of the Java programming language. It performs real-time processing in an enhanced JVM that is then easily ported and embedded into a variety of hardware processor platforms, an example of which is the NEATTMaccess communications device to be used onboard a RPAS. The use of Java provides a significantly lower cost-to-market. Ongoing development of this NEATTMreality capability tailored to e2E's specific requirements will allow e2E to achieve a significant competitive advantage. The NEATTMreality product suite is not being developed just for terminal devices. Other applications under investigation include:

  • The on-board SmallSat (e.g. CubeSat) processor kernel used in executing data processing and Command & Control (C&C) applications written in Java;
  • Execution of Program Trading Java Applications used in banking and where it is necessary for share-dealing to be performed in real-time.

Increasingly aggressive time-to-market, quicken network rollout, increasing move towards digital technology and the proliferation of new equipment sites brought about by ever cheaper technology is dictating that traditional phased testing approaches are no longer effective both in terms of approach and time.

e2E has increasingly used test automation as part of its heritage satellite testing activities and also as part of it communication ground systems integration and test activities.