Working at the operational “coal-face” on a wide range of satellite communication systems has enabled us first hand to see how management is being performed and therefore identify where expectations are falling down and individual solution differentiation is being missed. We know what the operational challenges are and have seen how different operators tackle them. Too often, this involves a ‘safe-option’ approach, resulting in procurement of hugely costly enterprise operational support systems (OSS) with little cohesion between them. Whilst such systems are claimed to be both comprehensive and configurable to the environment, we have repeatedly seen this not to be the case. In fact, they are typically unwieldy, need expensive specialists to configure, require costly integration and need bespoke changes to deal with subtle constraints of the satellite system operation. The operator is further tied to a particular vendor, making it difficult to control future development costs. 

Our NEATTMdelivery product suite represents a different way of tackling these operational issues and is designed to greatly reduce capital investment and operational expenditure. NEATTMdelivery is a “no-frills” management capability that focuses on the aspects of service operation that are truly important, such as the user’s quality of experience and communications resilience. It provides the capabilities needed to manage service delivery aspects of your satellite network and places emphasis on delivering competitive advantage from better service monitoring, end-to-end service management and ultimately in improving customer experience management.

NEATTMdelivery captures expertise gained from supporting numerous satellite communications network operations in a central management model that contains just the information needed for effective real-time service management. This model ‘runs’ at the core of NEATTMdelivery and is used by a family of suitably targeted management applications and bridges, some of which use low-cost or open sourced software, thereby keeping price to a minimum. 

NEATTMdelivery can be put together as a suite of applications that are appropriate to each specific client and we endorse operation through a thorough in-field test programme. Our guiding principle remains “simplicity”, meaning that the introduction of any complexity into the operation is always challenged and only incorporated where needed.

Adoption of NEATTMdelivery ensures your service management system is both maintainable and scalable. The client is also not tied in to one supplier and use of an open architecture and standard interfaces means NEATTMdelivery can be easier extended into legacy network and business operations to provide for a more harmonised service management approach.

The NEATTMdelivery product suite comprises the information model, associated operational applications and strategic management approach that make it the right low-risk, low-cost effective solution for new and incumbent satellite operators, service providers and related equipment manufacturers.

NEATTMdelivery has been sponsored under an European Space Agency ARTES Programme that has committed 50% institutional funding following extensive technical and market due diligence. The initial application will see the introduction of a low cost service management capability, specifically targeted at real-time communications management. The emergency services sector is being explored as the first market sector, due to the need for safety critical, real time decision. This first variant is due for completion by end 2016.

Further product details are available by downloading the NEATTMdelivery Brochure.