Communications Service Delivery Using Innovative Delivery Platforms

e2E Services Limited (e2E) plans to introduce innovative managed communications services into niche markets via a new service delivery model by 2018. These services will initially provide remote assets (fixed and mobile) and facilities with low data rate (LDR) communications (i.e. up to 200kbps) in locations currently underserved by existing communications or as an alternative to presently costly systems. Services available will include command & control (C2) capabilities, data store-and-forwarding and instant messaging. Once these services are suitably established then additional markets will be considered including the provision of higher data rate (HDR) services to current poorly served regions (e.g. the polar regions) and in support of applications requiring broadband delivery.


Since 2011, e2E’s vision has aligned to exploit the capabilities of IP-based Next Generation Networks (NGN) by incorporating the plethora of new Innovative Delivery Platforms (IDP) that are becoming increasingly available. The distinctive features of an IDP are that of relatively low-cost, miniaturisation and the ability to be more quickly deployed for a specific need. IDP types can also be airborne (e.g. drones, high altitude platforms, unmanned aircraft systems), sea-based (e.g. unmanned submersible systems) or used on land (e.g. personal communicator devices, machine-to-machine sensors, etc.). These IDPs can be established either standalone or in various combinations that can be configured to serve as a logical extension to the more traditional NGN that fundamentally represent increased throughput and bandwidth supported across increasingly technologically superior IP backbone infrastructures. The addition of these new IDPs opens up service provision to a wider user base and is already creating a new eco-system that is encouraging new service providers (SP) and players to enter into the market.

Complementary Next Generation Network Deployment

This IDP networking concept is shown below. These new IDPs can be interconnected in multiple configurations to complete (i.e. complement)existing infrastructure and thereby create Complementary-NGN (C-NGN) which extends the existing infrastructure reach and allows for rapid deployment in areas where terrestrial networks are not present or are sparse. C-NGNs also support the increasing user demand for more rapid (i.e. dynamic) mobility management, ad-hoc setup/teardown communications and where near real-time (NRT) changes in network connectivity. In addition, C-NGNs also need to select the network technology in accordance with the criteria such as the type of services being carried (e.g. bandwidth required, resilience needed, acceptable latency, etc.) and the availability of networking technologies controlled through real-time decision making (referred to as the “bearer of opportunity” operation principle).

e2E intends to become a Niche Managed Service Provider (NMSP) providing Niche Managed Communication Services (NMCS) using this C-NGN approach that capitalises on the capabilities of these new IDPs. e2E is currently formulating the business case that will confirm that future deployment of the C-NGN through increasingly cheaper IDPs means that complexity and communication delivery prices will no longer be such a barrier to smaller business enterprises. The intention is to also pilot a C-NGN comprising IDPs (RPAS, HAPs and/or small satellites) in order to encourage new entrants into the ecosystem that in turn will provide for wider enterprise market appeal.



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