The e2E Executive Management Team comprises of the three founding directors of the company, as is enhanced by an additional non-executive director: 

Barry Ross - Director

BRPictureBarry is a founding Director of e2E and chiefly responsible for the Technical Services operation and Corporate Business strategy. Barry also serves as the Security Director. He has over 30 years of direct management, engineering and consultancy experience gained within the telecommunications and computing industries and obtained within an array of leading edge large, medium and small enterprises and Institutions. He has been fully responsible for activities including programme management, systems engineering, business case analysis, system integration, software development, hardware design, manufacturing, network operations, business development and quality assurance. In the last 23 years, assignments have predominantly been concerned with wireless communications and particularly mobile and fixed satellite communication systems. Barry is responsible for the Company’s product development strategy which in part encompasses telecommunications next generation service and network management capabilities across wider interconnected networks.

Primary corporate responsibilities include security and business development incorporating all aspects of sales, marketing, partnering/collaborations, bid preparation, customer liaison, costing and presentations. Being further responsible for the Technical Services activities means he retains a good awareness of prominent activities in the satellite industry.

Additionally, Barry continues to provide day to day programme management, systems engineering, business analyst, test management, network engineering and operational support to a range of telecommunication clients.

Before establishing e2E, Barry was a founder member of Avanti Communications Ltd., the satellite operator that now specialises in broadband service delivery to rural areas and serving for a period as Managing Director. Prior to this, Barry was the Divisional Head of the Network Management Division within Vega Space Systems Engineering. Through e2E, Avanti and Vega, Barry has some experience in seeking private investment to propel innovations. He is currently working with other e2E Directors to secure further investment to supplement the Company’s plan to provide managed communication services into niche areas. 

Eliot Minn - Director

EMPictureAs one of the Founding Directors of e2E, Eliot brings over 25 years of direct experience in system engineering and the complete system development lifecycle, from programme and project management and architectural specification of large, real-time complex Satellite Ground Segment Networks and Spacecraft Simulation systems, through to the management and delivery of Service Assurance programmes applying  ITIL principles.

Graduating with a BSc Astronomy and Physics degree from University College, London his background is a solid technical one. He was responsible for software development and project management of innovative real-time complex mathematical Aircraft and Spacecraft simulators at EASAMS and VEGA Space Systems. Applying this simulation, modelling and software experience to the telecommunications business, he made the transition into the satcom engineering world and managed the technical quality, schedule and budget of a number of key project deliveries for customers such as Inmarsat, MoD and ESA/EU on behalf of VEGA, becoming the UK telecommunications software engineering group manager prior to leaving to start e2E

Since forming e2E, Eliot has provided key consultancy to a range of commercial Space, Cellular and Military Telecommunications programmes for customers including Inmarsat, O3b, Three, MoD, Airbus D&S. In addition, he has continued to lead and project manage the development of real-time management systems and simulators for evolving complex service networks. 

Eliot’s practical operations and development experience means he is perfectly placed to technically oversee e2E’s Service Management products and service implementation and to fulfil  his corporate role of Company Quality Assurance, HR and Infrastructure (IT and Facilities) Director.

Chris Clarke - Director

CCPictureChris is a founding Director of e2E and chiefly responsible for the Programme Management of the NEATTMaccess product development and surrounding software development environment. Chris also serves as the e2E Financial Director.

Chris has over 30 years of systems engineering experience in the space and telecommunications field. In particular he has been responsible for the following:
  • In-Orbit Test of Communications Satellite payloads from test concepts through to execution and report generation.
  • Validation of mobile communications protocols and Air Interface Specifications.
  • Verification of the Air Interface and A’ interface implementations in a satellite mobile communication system.
  • Development and execution of large Integration and Test programs.
  • Specification of special test equipment, verification of compliance and acceptance testing.
  • Control procedure and database development for satellite programs including Inmarsat 2 (Astrium Eurostar), Inmarsat 3 (LMAS / Astrium), Inmarsat 4 (Astrium) and Hotbird (Astrium Eurostar).
  • Operation and management of satellites during LEOP and on-station phases.
  • Satellite ground facility operation and development to support new missions.
Chris also serves as the e2E corporate Financial Director, managing the e2E Finance team based at e2E Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City.

Richard Denny - Non-Executive Director 


Richard joins the e2E Board as a Non-Executive Director to support strategic planning and investment management activities. With direct satellite communications engineering and operations experience he adds further credibility to e2E’s business model.

Prior to joining the Board of e2E in 2014, Richard has served as Senior Vice President of Inmarsat. From 2010 – 2014, Richard was a Board member of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), based in New York, where he was also appointed Vice President of International Programmes. SSPI is an international nonprofit member-benefit society that serves satellite professionals throughout their careers.
From 2011 – 2013, Richard also served on the Board of Odyssey Moon Limited, a company based in the Isle of Man and developing a sustainable commercial transportation system to deliver payload services to the Lunar surface in support of science, exploration and commerce.