e2E Services Ltd was established in November 1999 to provide expert consultancy to the telecommunications industry. In May 2010 a sister company (e2E Satcom Ltdwas formed to develop an innovative technology that now forms the basis of the NEATTMaccess product development. e2E Engineering Ltd was also created at this time serving as a holding company and parent to the other companies, completing the current group structure. Both e2E Services Ltd and e2E Satcom Ltd are owned by e2E Engineering Ltd.

e2E Engineering Ltd 
is 95% owned by the founding Directors of the original company. 


The activities of e2E are driven from three mission statements:

  1. Become the No 1 UK provider of high caliber technical management and ground systems engineering support services to key national and international satellite based projects on an end-to-end (e2E) basis.
  2. Become established in the delivery of low-cost communications-based solutions and that encompasses product and user applications.
  3. Create an innovation environment through research and development (R&D) activities that has no barriers to creativity.  

Mission Statement 1 is being implemented through our Technical Services operation that continues to grow organically.

Mission Statement 2 is reflected through our Products and Managed Services initiatives that are strongly shaped by our current vision.

Mission Statement 1 relates to Mission Statement 2 in so far that actual experiences are used to uncover gaps, inefficiencies and improvements that can be solved from our product strategy.

Mission Statement 3 is a recently formalized commitment that captures the importance we have always put on reinvesting in future “grey-skies” ideas and concepts and is being implemented through our R&D initiatives.

The core values that promote the e2E cultural philosophy and "persona" are defined through ten principles:  

  • Provide and maintain our satellite and telecommunications domain expertise & professional advice at all project stages and consummate with our “end-to-end”(e2E) philosophy;
  • Be ahead of competition in respect of our professionalism & quality;
  • Provide completely independent, innovative & pragmatic advice to our clients based on real operational and practical experience;
  • Remain committed to our clients through all project stages and by being willing and on-hand to provide increased support at minimal notice whether it be on nominated client site(s) or from our e2E office(s);
  • Remain flexible and pragmatic within the bounds of the contractual arrangement and ensure the client fulfils its objectives;
  • Be accountable for our activities through service level agreement criteria as decided by the client;
  • Retain our exemplary record of on-time delivery;
  • Investigate, develop and support innovative products and services that result in game-changing capabilities that possess forward looking insight;
  • Retain and further nurture our staff base;
  • Establish a partnering mentality.